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With a Flash Briefing

on Echo Alexa devices,

in 2019 you will be able to

connect with your potential clients

faster than ever!

Let me show you how!


I am Peter Stewart, an award-winning BBC news broadcaster who has worked at the convergence of audio production, presentation and social media for thirty years.

Several businesses have consulted with me on their Voice strategy and I currently have two Briefings in the top 20 of

'Most Popular' in the UK.

So, I'm ideally placed to help you.

What is a Flash Briefing?

A Flash Briefing is a short piece of audio content - like a short podcast - available on Amazon’s Alexa smart-speaker devices.


You can set up a Briefing to deliver pre-recorded audio to customers and potential prospects on a daily, weekly (or even hourly!) basis.

The content - each up to ten minutes' long - may be tips, industry news, inspirational quotes or professional insights.


It may be a weekly 'audio newsletter' for a cycling club on the coming weekend's route.


A health club might deliver daily keep-fit tips or a plant nursery might present a daily gardening guide.

When you set up a Briefing, listeners use an app on their phone to schedule their device to play it, along with other Briefings that they have also chosen. Then they simply say, “Alexa, play my Flash Briefing” to listen to them, one after another, through their Echo. 



Be one of the first with a Flash

Amazon Echo devices sold out in the UK over the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping days ahead of Christmas 2018. Millions of Brits will have the devices, but there are only a few thousand Flash Briefings. When they search for content, shouldn't they be able to find yours?


All demographics

Unlike previous technology, smart-speaker use spans the ages. Where the more elderly may feel uncomfortable using a smartphone or computer, people over the age 50 like Alexa and are not afraid to ask her questions.


Better engagement

Short pieces of audio, updated daily and chosen by your audience, means better engagement. Once the device is set-up, it's ready to play your Briefing every day.


Make best use of your content

If you have already written a blog or a news release or an article for a magazine, then make the content go further. 


With an established expertise in broadcasting, writing and social media, I have spotted the potential power of the emerging smart-speaker voice technology, particularly the short Flash Briefing 'podcasts' on Echo devices.

The Reuters Institute, University of Oxford consulted with me for their 'Future of Voice' report in 2018, since when I have been interviewed several times about Voice, been booked as a speaker and asked for my expertise by businesses ranging from the BBC to a privately-owned hair salon.  

One Flash Briefing that I produce for a client, with additional support from a local council, The National Trust and arts organisations,  is the second most-popular in the UK Amazon store. 

Another is at number 16.*


Now I am ideally placed to advise on how your brand, business or non-profit can benefit from harnessing this powerful new way to personally engage with potential clients. 

Interested? Contact us for a chat

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* January 2019

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