Briefings are free short 'podcasts' that users of the 'smart speaker' Amazon Echo devices can choose and have played to them sequentially.

A daily tailor-made running order may comprise updates such as news and weather produced by media organisations.

Briefings can also be used by businesses or groups to extend their brand by providing useful updates, interview clips or reminders.

Let me know how I can help you discover the power of Briefings for your company.




Let's talk so I can explain more about Alexa Flash Briefings and how they may work for you. The we will discuss your production requirements including the regularity, invocation name, duration, style, voice and musical elements.

We will also take care of the behind-the-scenes admin such as accounts with Amazon and audio-hosting platforms.


We offer a full script-writing service at a small extra charge. After all, writing words to be read out loud is a different skill to writing for the eye, and it's our aim to help you connect with your audience. Scripts will be signed-off by you before any further production takes place.


The agreed script will be recorded by a professional voice-over or broadcaster before it is edited and mixed with agreed audio branding to give a final polished production.


The final part of the process is uploading each Briefing to a hosting-platform, and then scheduling each one so they are ready for Alexa to play as agreed.


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