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The Live-Streaming Handbook will teach you how to present live-video shows from your phone and stream them straight to Facebook and Twitter.


With this book and your favourite social media apps, you will be able to run your own TV station for your home or work.

From structuring and developing a show, to establishing an effective online persona and getting more people to watch you.


The book includes dozens of tried and tested formats for your live-video show, alongside case studies highlighting how businesses and professionals are using live-streaming in their brand and marketing strategies.

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  • a foreword by Al Roker (NBC’s The Today Show);

  • practical steps for using popular live-streaming apps, such as Facebook Live and Twitter;

  • nearly 80 colour images of live-streaming events, screenshots and gadgets;

  • a detailed walk-through of how to successfully present and produce your live-streaming show;

  • advice on analysing and exploiting viewer metrics to increase followers;

  • more than 130 quotes of real-world advice from expert producers of online media content;

  • over 700 links to online case studies, articles, research and background reading.


With this extensive manual you will gain a competitive edge in the world of online live-streaming. This book is invaluable to entrepreneurs, professionals and students working in journalism, public relations, marketing and digital media, as well as general readers interested in live-streaming at home.

This is your chance to transform your social media and your sales by beating the latest Facebook algorithm changes.

Livestreams are promoted more than any other content within Facebook, so if you are not using this exciting new way to reach your followers, fans and friends you are really missing a great opportunity.

And possibly wasting your time as well.

Why spend an age writing a blog when you can fire up Facebook or pop onto Periscope and speak live and interactively with your audience… right now?

You could of course take time to learn all the tricks yourself, playing around with the apps, or looking up website articles and YouTube videos by goodness-knows-who… but why not learn from someone who’s been producing and presenting live TV and radio for the BBC for years?

Peter Stewart has trained media professionals around the world in how to ‘be on air’ – check out his other books on Amazon – and now for the price of a week of lunchtime snacks, you can learn it all too.

This is the world’s first book on how to do live-streaming for business and pleasure.

Remember: the payback is almost instant. If you can see the potential value for your personal and business broadcasting, buy the book and you’ll be fast-tracked to success within days.

There really is no other publication like this in the world.

It’s an in-depth, comprehensive training program that you can own from the get-go.

It’s the book that social media professionals will buy and read out loud from in a conference centre and charge you to hear!

It’s ‘all you need to know to live-stream with ease.

We are committed to sharing all this information with you, because we want to help you succeed.

We hope you join us for what is promising to be the first steps on an exciting and ground-breaking social media transformation.

Thank you for reading and we’re really looking forward to sending you our book, and working with you to make more connected communities and the better business that you deserve.

Your unique Masterclass to up your followers, up your viewers and up your sales.

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